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Voight P.A. Receives M/WBE Cer...

Voight P.A. Receives M/WBE Certification


M/WBE stands for Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises.

About M/WBE Enterprises

A minority-owned business is defined as being owned, capitalized, operated and controlled by a member of an identified minority group. The business must be a for-profit enterprise which physically resides in the United States or one of its territories. Identified “minority groups” are generally defined as having an ethnic background consisting of Asian, Black, Hispanic, East Asian Indian and/or Native American. Some applications require US Citizenship, some applications accept legal residents. Some applications require a 75% ethnic heritage while others will accept as little as one fourth.

Voight and M/WBE

The City of Orlando and Orange County uphold this ordinance to empower forward-thinking businesses by providing M/WBE certification, which provides special consideration when applying for public projects.

If granted contracts with the county, the face of the company will be Amy Voight. Mrs. Voight is a partner of the firm who represents two distinct qualifying factors for M/WBE Certification – race and gender.

Voight attorneys are most excited to potentially be the Title Closing Agent and Title Services Attorney for the county.

The attorneys at Voight believe this certification will open bigger doors for their company by allowing them to work on government contracts and helping the county and state with their various projects. They are hoping it will affect their business in a positive light as not very many law firms are certified to do business with the county. They believe certification has been a driving force in their professional growth. So much so, that they may be expanding within the near future.

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